Well I guess I'm not really witty or much of a review writer, but I'll give it a shot.

After reading this book I just lifted my head and said... "woah."  Its one of those books that has an effect on you. I wish I could express myself better, its kind of hard to put into words. Its a very unique concept, and not one for the squemish... I guess I'd put it as Psychological horror/Suspense. Its well crafted and the story keeps you wanting to find out what happens next. I guess its a bit like a Stephen King story without all the spirt and ghost crap. I dont know, I just found it deeply satisfying. Unique, engaging, thought provoking, sad, deep, and so many other things.
I orginally found it at www.EvansKregBooks.com, not sure how I stumbled across that, I forgot, but I guess its on Amazon too.

lol, I'll try to do better with my next book review. Currently reading Choke by Stuard Woods and so far it really sucks, lol, makes you really appreciate an amazing read like Mr. Build.

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